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Revenge of the Nodes

You won't be surprised to hear that Pivot is a big fan of newsletters. In a world of infinite content, they can be useful filters. Nodes in the network. Signals in the noise.

There's no shortage of newsletters about technology, but only a few (like this one) aimed squarely at Product Managers. Below is a quick roundup of the other weekly newsletters in the Product Manager ecosystem that I read (and enjoy). I'd love to hear recommendations for others.

Ken Norton's Bringing the Donuts started 2016 with a bang. Deep insights from a Product OG. Mind the Product's Prioritised is an excellent roundup of product content, events and jobs. Digital Friday is Don Suter's weekly summary of articles, trends and resources for PMs.

Branching out slightly, Kenny Chen's UX Design Weekly is consistently excellent and if you want to understand the product strategy of Unicorns then Ben Thompson's Stratechery is as good as it gets.


Stay tuned for another dose of Product Hits next week. Thanks again for supporting Pivot.

Paul J | Pivot